How to Earn Respect and Enjoy Social Gatherings with Family

A journey from contempt to compliment: Earn Respect and Enjoy Social Gatherings.

Why is my husband always unwilling to get take me to social gatherings?
Why is my son/daughter ashamed of taking me along with them in parties and social gatherings?
Why do I feel low even after giving my entire life to my family?
Can I do something to get respect from my husband and my family?

The above questions may be lingering in your minds from decades. Women from time immemorial give their entire life to their families, sacrifice their careers just to give good upbringing to their children. But ultimately receives the wrath and anger of her husband and children. To earn respect and enjoy social gatherings with family, it is important for women to prioritize their own personal and professional growth alongside their family responsibilities.

I hope all of you will agree with that. Remember this story of Shashi Godbole. If not go and watch English Vinglish.

English Vinglish

The movie is actually a quest of a women from contempt to complement. From morning till evening she makes different dishes to suit the dietary requirements of her husband and her children. Her daughter makes fun of her pronunciation of an English word and her husband joins in the insult.

She starts viewing herself from the eyes of her family members and thereby feels inferior and disgusting.

She finally decides to join a 4 week English course to try and learn the language and succeeds in doing that . Towards the end of the movie she raises a toast to the newly wet couple and finally shares her experiences in proficient English. Everybody was amazed to see her speaking.

She has proved to the society that no matter what, a woman has all the powers and capabilities to raise above her narrow limitations if she decides to.

If you feel relatable to Shashi’s story if you are the one who are frequently criticized by your husband, if you are the one who are frequently diminished by your children it’s high time you start working on yourself.

Don’t forget that it’s never too late. It is always good to give happiness to others but don’t forget that the most valuable person to you is you yourself. Pamper yourself at times.

Do something to enhance your skills. Work on your personality and soft skills. Don’t let your husband or your children question on yourself self-esteem.

It’s time to turn things around and earn the respect and admiration you deserve. Our blog post explores effective strategies for overcoming contempt and building stronger, more respectful relationships with your family. Discover how you can start enjoying social gatherings and living your life with greater confidence and joy.

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