Interview Preparation 101: Tips for a Successful Career

Interview Preparation 101: Tips for a Successful Career

How to begin my interview preparation?

How to be confident while giving interview?

How to make somebody instantly like you?

How to be a good member of a team?

How to maintain social relations at workplace?

One of the most critical aspects of landing a job is preparing for the interview. It’s essential to make a positive first impression and communicate your skills effectively. However, many people feel nervous and unsure of how to prepare for an interview. This is where our expert tips come in! In this article, we’ll walk you through Interview Preparation 101 and give you the strategies and tools you need for a successful career start.

1. Flooding smile

Research has shown that people who smile often appear more confident, approachable and capable. Smiling means that you are more likely to be promoted at work. Try wearing a smile at meetings and business appointments and and you notice things changing for positive.

2. Maintain eye contact

If you have sticky eyes it shows that you are under confident, unapproachable and shy. On the other hand if you maintain proper eye contact it shows that you are full of confidence, loyal and trustworthy. Eye contact should be optimally maintained to avoid staring.

3. Know the latest news

Whenever you are heading for an interview, you should definitely have some idea of what is recently going on in the market. It is really difficult to predict whether the interviewer will ask the questions based on that but obviously having an idea of recent topic will be an added advantage.

4. Limit fidgeting while talking

Fidgeting is making small movements with your body, usually your hands and feet. It reflects not paying attention and often reflects discomfort and restlessness. For example, if you’ve been listening to a person for a long time, you may find yourself tapping your pencil. The physical activity of fidgeting can provide a temporary distraction from whatever activity you’re doing.

5. Talk to them as if you are talking to your old friend

Talk to them as you already know them. It doesn’t mean that you become extremely informal but show significant science of recognition in order to connect to the other person.

6. Take the initiative to talk

Wherever required you can always take the initiative to talk. It doesn’t mean that you start behaving over-friendly but show that talking to somebody is a very normal thing for you.

7. Don’t reply in one word

Whenever asked something try avoiding answering in a single word instead say a sentence. Answering in one word can create a lag in the conversation and can disrupt the relationship built.

8. Observe

While talking to someone observe the reactions and body language of the other person. Simply observing will let you know a lot of things about the other person’s behaviour and feelings.

9. Match the mood

Observe the mood of other person and try to match yours with his. This will help in developing a rapport with other person there by resulting in a healthy conversation.

10. Look at target person

When interviewed by a panel of interviews always look at the person who is asking you questions.

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